A World of Pure Imagination

Hello, and thank you for visiting Baba Cool! I am Brooke, the creative mind behind this shop. Always a crafty child, the creative flame within me was reignited when I discovered Phish and the jam music scene in 2012. Suddenly, the world I was searching for, the world I (naively) thought fizzled out with the death of Jerry Garcia, was found! It is a land of fiery positive energy, creativity, smiles, dancing, childlike imagination, fearlessness, and beautiful improvisational music. It is a place where creativity is valued, so much so that there is an entire microeconomy built around it. My dream of traveling the country and living a life on the road soon became a reality, and Baba Cool was born.

What started as a small flower crown operation on the streets of Boone, NC, soon turned into a successful online business and traveling booth. While flower crowns will always remain at the heart of Baba Cool, an unexpected hit has emerged. Early in 2015, I began decorating funky sunglasses with some of my favorite Phish and Grateful Dead lyrics. They received a positive response online, and an even greater response when I introduced them on Phish tour! You can now spot them at just about any Phish show, and even music festivals across the country. Some even say they have ~magical powers~ and can summon the song you wish to hear! ;)

This community of bubbly smiling faces has become my HEART and SOUL and is my constant inspiration. I cannot even express in words how happy it makes me to see my creations at every show that I attend. If you see me, please say hello! I love each and every one of my customers as a true PHRIEND!

Oh, and what is a "baba cool" you might ask? Well, it is the French term for hippie. And I thought that was neat. :)

Much love & gratitude,
Baba Cool

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